Display Current Date and Time in HTML using JavaScript

By | July 30, 2020

Before we go through the tutorial of Display Current Date and Time in HTML using JavaScript, we have to know the brief of JavaScript and Date method in JS.

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JavaScript is light-weight a client-side scripting language used to build client-side validations and much more. Today we use it for display current date and time in the HTML input box.

We use JavaScript Date object to get current date and time.

Display Current Date and Time in HTML using Javascript

Creating JS Date Object

JavaScript date object help to getting the current date and time which we also used for getting the visitors current time and date to store on database also.

Use Get Method to Display Current Date in JavaScript

Use the below source code to display the current date in the HTML input box using JavaScript in the “Y-m-d” format.


  • getFullYear() – Get current year like 2020.
  • getMonth() – Get current month values 0-11. Where 0 for Jan and 11 for Dec. So added +1 to get result.
  • getDate() – Get day of the month values 1-31.

Use Get Method to Display Current Time in JavaScript

We use same get method to display current time and also display it on the HTML text box.
Format “H:i:s


  • getHours() – Get current hour between 0-23.
  • getMinutes() – Get current minutes between 0-59.
  • getSeconds() – Get current seconds between 0-59.

Display Both Current Date and Time in HTML using JavaScript

See the Pen Get Current Date and Time Using JS by Bikash Panda (@phpcodertech) on CodePen.

Above is the complete explanation of source code of Display Current Date and Time in HTML using JavaScript.

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