5 thoughts on “User Login Registration System in PHP with Image Upload

  1. dear Admin I need to View Sql Data(images) in horizontal same line.

    my source code is as follows please help me:

    runQuery(“SELECT * FROM tbl_image ORDER BY ‘id’ ASC “);
    if (! empty($query)) {
    foreach ($query as $key => $value) {

    <img src="”/>

    <img src="width=”96px” height=”56px”/>

    1. Hi,
      Please check this. If anything else please let me know.

      $qry = mysqli_query(“SELECT * FROM tbl_image ORDER BY ‘id’ ASC”);
      while($f=mysqli_fetch_assoc($qry)){ ?>
      <img src=”image_directory_loaction/<?php echo $f[‘image.png’];?>” width=”96px” height=”56px”>
      <?php } ?>

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