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Send Mail Attachments with PHP Mail()

By | June 12, 2020

In Send Mail Attachments with PHP Mail(), PHP mail() function is widely used for sending emails without using any external mail library, for example, PHPMailer. Here we use only PHP mail() function for PHP Sendmail. We create a PHP mailing system step by step. Send Mail Attachments with PHP Mail() Demo Mail send with attachments… Read More »

Send PHP mail from Localhost using XAMPP Server

By | June 3, 2020

PHP is open source scripting language, means where you can change your PHP core files according to your requirements. PHP also have a SENDMAIL inbuilt package, which is use for send mail from localhost server like XAMPP. Below process explained fro XAMPP server. XAMPP stands for, Cross-Platform –X Apache –A MySQL –M PHP –P Perl… Read More »