Some Exact High CPC Technical Keywords

Hello Everyone, you all are doing well. Today we talk about very important thing about  Some Exact High CPC Technical Keywords for our technical blog.

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On starting of the blog, the developer or any blogger get approved by the Google Adsense

but after all these things blogger cann’t generate very well revenue because of Keywords placement on the post. Here we talk about some technical keywords annd topics which is used for generate a great revenue. I found and research these keywords from Google Keyword Planner .

From these keywords, you can use to write something about these topics or niche and for the revenue these topics are great. When any developer or a programmer starts a blog they only talk about programming coding and some technical knowledge about all programming concepts. Developer think about only source code and all understandable theory for others.

Here are some technical niche and Exact High CPC Technical Keywords,

1. php web programming
2. php training
3. php debug
4. php and mysql—join
5. php tutorial point
6. mysql
7. hosting
8. hosting web
9. dominio email
10.dedicated server web hosting domain domain names
14.wordpress hosting domain
16.domain registration
17.purchase domain name
18.domain name website hosting
20.wordpress website
21.wordpress website design
22.wordpress themes for business hosting
24.wordpress website builder web hosting uk cloud web hosting price
27.php developer
28.php development company
29.freelance php developer
30.hire php programmer— 71$
31.php development services
32.simple php
33.php web programming


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You can comment below if you want to know something else.

Happy Coding..!

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