Simple PHP MySQL CRUD Operation

Hello Coders, today i develop a simple core PHP source code with very simple manner. Which you use for learn PHP basics very quick and easy way. Here i will show you a CRUD operation with image uploading and login registration operation.

Anyone want a complete file in ZIP comment below.

So from here i started the code with connection file, see below code and if have you any problem with these of any line you can ping me with comment box. And if you like it give me a word on comment how’s it.

Lets Start,


This is database connection file which is included on all other files.
On mysqli_connect function 1st parameter is HOST NAME, 2nd is Database User Name, 3rd is for Password and last 4th parameter is for Database Name.


This is user registration page where we create query for insertion user data into the database. Where mysqli newer or extended version of mysql.


Next is login operation with mysqli SELECT query, If you want to know more about mysqli_num_rows which i use on below you can click on link.

View user’s data



On this page you can see particular user data which i get using SESSION varibale.


See how we edit the particular user data using UPDATE query and SESSION.

Last is delete file. DELETE.php

Above is complete CRUD operation with image uploading and Login Registration operation with some easy manner.
Any query, feel free to ping me on mail Contact us or on comment.

Thanks, Happy Coding…!

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