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Send Mail Attachments with PHP Mail()

In Send Mail Attachments with PHP Mail(), PHP mail() function is widely used for sending emails without using any external mail library, for example, PHPMailer.

Here we will use only the PHP mail() function for PHP Sendmail. We create a PHP mailing system step by step to get PHP assignment help from experts.


Send Mail Attachments with PHP Mail() Demo

Mail send with attachments in PHP step by step:

  • First, we create a simple HTML form with form attribute enctype="multipart/form-data"
  • Creating some HTML input box, text area, and for attachment input type="file"
  • Then we will start with PHP code to send emails with attachments.

Creating HTML Form

On the above form enctype="multipart/form-data", this attribute is important for sending attachment.

PHP code to send an email with the attachment

  • First, we post all the data from the HTML Form using $_POST function.
  • Also, post the attachment using the name attribute of that field.
  • For uploading file input type must have type="file"
  • Checking allowed an extension on the below code,
  • If the file extension satisfies with allowed extensions then go to the next step,

On the above PHP code, we create mail headers for sending PHP mail attachments.

Mail with attachments Using PHP code (Complete Source code)

Please comment below if any issues. Here is the complete source with a live view for Send Mail with PHP Mail() function.

Also, check officially on PHP

Happy Coding..!

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