Send Email in JavaScript Using SMTP with Example

To Send Email in JavaScript Using SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), we will use JavaScript SMTP CDN and Gmail app password as credentials.

Here are the given major things we will use to send an email in JavaScript using SMTP,

  1. SMTP JS CDN library
  2. Google App Password

Here you can check how we can create a google app password

After getting, both the things we can start code to do JavaScript send an email on button click.

Steps to create JavaScript send an email on button click,

  1. Creating a simple form with the sender, receiver, and message field.
  2. Adding SMTP CDN script
  3. Creating an email send function
    • On send function, we will set host, username, and previously created app password.
    • After that from, to, subject and text content.

Complete example to send an email in JavaScript using SMTP

Creating a simple form,

Adding SMTP CDN,

Now, we will add SMTP email send function to send an email,

Note: You can merge complete code by copy and pasting one by one.

Above is the complete code to send email by using JS SMTP with a button click.

I hope you will understand the complete code. To know more you can check here – Send Email from JavaScript

Happy Coding..!

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