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Selection in CSS | CSS ::selection

How To Change Text Selection Color

Selection in CSS ::selection is a selector of CSS, that highlighted the text, which is selected by the user.

For example, a part of a web page that is selected by the user using any device like a mouse or any pointing device.

See an image (selection CSS), also I provide the complete demo,

Selction in CSS | CSS ::selection

When you use ::selection that can change the background and foreground of the text of selected text.

CSS Syntax | ::selection

On the below example, we change the background text color using ::selection CSS property,

The above ::selection CSS code supported by all the browser but for Mozilla firefox, we change the code,

How to disable text selection highlighting

Here is a code for disable text selection highlighting,

CSS ::selection Live Demo

See the Pen CSS ::selection PHPCODER.TECH by Bikash Panda (@phpcodertech) on CodePen.

Also Check:

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