Save contact form data in CSV file using PHP

Here is another task where I thinking soo much that, some of my clients do not want to use MySQL database for storing contact form data so they want a single file where all data of contact form stored. So, I think this is an interesting task because we always use MySQL database for storing the data. But today we do Save contact form data in CSV file using PHP

Live DEMO: Save contact form data in CSV file using PHP

Save contact form data in CSV file using PHP

First of all, we create a simple HTML form with some contact related fields and then using PHP’s POST method for data sending.

You can use a single PHP file for running these complete source code. PHP and HTML form within single PHP File.

How to Run (Save contact form data in CSV file using PHP)

  1. Create a PHP file named index.php. 
  2. Copy below PHP code and paste on that file.
  3. Copy below HTML code and paste after PHP code.
  4. Then run using file name on the browser.


On this simple HTML form, we use POST  method for data sending to PHP variable.

Now we checking the form validation using PHP code. Checking if the name field has only letters or not and all other fields like that.

Complete PHP code Saving data on CSV and Validation

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Happy coding..!

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