Put a Background Image on Text in HTML

Here we create a Creative Effect Background Image on Text in HTML. We always use to do text effects on an out website title or heading.

Here are 2 simple steps to set a Background Image on any Text using HTML,

  • Set style CSS on the body with align-items and background.
  • Setting the CSS on heading with background image and WebKit background property.
CSS Background Image Text Effect

Creative CSS3 Typography Code

Here we setting up the CSS on the body and heading or any text block attribute. We set the body background and height in VH (Vertical Height).

Now we create a heading and apply the above CSS to that text. After that, we check the live view of the background on text in CSS.

Complete Source Code to Put a Background Image on Text in HTML

Now you can check the complete live view of the CSS3 Background Image Text Effect.

See the Pen
CSS Background Image Text Effect
by Bikash Panda (@phpcodertech)
on CodePen.

Also Check:

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