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FB Video Downloader

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Integrate Google reCaptcha in Codeigniter

eCaptcha is a user validation service that is provided by Google for free. Today we Integrate Google reCaptcha in Codeigniter signup form. Here you also learn how to use google recaptcha on Codeigniter, completely. The main purpose of this topic to prevent the signups from the bot. Before we start the integration of reCaptcha, first we have to know that what is the reCaptcha service and how that is worked for our website...Read more

Google Sheet Integration with WordPress without Plugin

1. Creating or select a Google API project
2. Enable the Sheets API
3. Create a new API key
4. Make sheet Shareable
5. Get the spreadsheet ID
6. Creating a function for getting Data from Sheet
7. Specified Cell Location on Google Sheet
8. Use the shortcode on WP pages...Read more

DOM | Document Object Model

  • In this dom tutorial, DOM or document object model is an application programming interface (API) for HTML and XML (Xtensible Markup Language) documents.
  • It defines the logical structure of the documents and the way that the document is accessed by Javascript DOM.
  • It’s a structure called logical structure because they have no relations between objects.
  • With DOM we have easy access and manipulate the HTML tags, IDs, classes, attributes or properties using predefined DOM methods or functions.



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