PHP password_hash, password_verify With Example


PHP password_hash is a built-in function that is majorly used to encrypt the password string.

Encryption has c combination of random letters, numbers, and special characters.

PHP password_hash() function can create a unique password hash using a strong hashing algorithm which is only one-way hashing or encryption.

One-way hashing means, that generated password can not be decrypted.

PHP password_hash, password_verify With Example

In this article, we learn, complete the PHP password hash concept and use the password verify function to confirm the password is correct or not with the help of an example.

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The password hash function takes a maximum of 3 parameters.

  1. $string parameter takes the user’s password string which is used to hash and store on DB.
  2. $algo this parameter supports integer value that refer to some built-in PHP password hashing algos,
    • PASSWORD_DEFAULT: This is the default option and recommended also. Because of developers when they want to add new algo options.
    • PASSWORD_BCRYPT: This algo uses CRYPT_BLOWFISH algorithm to generate hash.
    • PASSWORD_ARGON2I: Used Argon2 hashing algo.
  3. $options takes some optional and advance options like, cost and salt.
    • Cost: for PASSWORD_BCRYPT it is maximum algorthimic cost to be applied. 10 is the default. And it also affects the speed and loading time of the script.
    • Cost: For PASSWORD_ARGON2I maximum memory cost to be applied to generate any hash.
    • Salt can be provide manually but not recommended.

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Example of PHP Password Hash


Result of crypt() on myPassword is $PjPYbvqoH26U

PHP password_hash and password_verify Example


Password verified

PHP password_verify Function

PHP password_verify Function is used to check the hashed password and verify it is matching with an original password or not.


Password verify takes only 2 parameters, one is input password by a user and hashed password from DB.

Please let me know if you have to face any issues at the time of implementation.

To know more about PHP encryption algorithms, check here PHP: Password Hashing Functions – Manual.

Happy Coding..!

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