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Get Client MAC And IP Address Using PHP

Before we get started with Get Client MAC And IP Address Using PHP, first, we have to know some general details about Mac and the IP address of the system.

What is a MAC address?

MAC stands for Media Access Control and it is also known as the physical address. Which is associated with every networking device.

It is a 48-bit physical address that is printed on NIC(Network Interface Card) and is globally unique.

PHP Get Client MAC or Physical And IP Address
PHP Get Client MAC And IP Address in PHP

What is an IP address?

An IP address is also known as Intenet Protocol and logical address provided by the ISP (Internet service provider),

Which uniquely identifies the system over the internet, but it keeps changing from time to time.

Get Client’s MAC Address Using PHP



Code Highlights:

In the first method, we execute getmac the program and get the content.

In the second method, we execute system('ipconfig /all'); to display the output.

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Get Client IP Address Using PHP

In the above code, we use PHP inbuilt superglobal variable $_SERVER which takes the user’s IP address.

I hope you understand all the points about how we can get clients’ MAC and IP addresses or clients’ machine IDs.

Please let me comment below if you are facing any issues. To know more you can check here

Happy Coding..!

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