Percentage Difference Calculator using Jquery & PHP

On this, we calculated the percentage of a number using a simple formula as given below. If you change the position of the number you may get different results. We use Jquery to develop this functionality.

Check Live DEMO below.


Willing to explain a straight forward rate change in the server with PHP and Jquery? The principal you have to do is to think numerically. You have to recover the distinction (reduction or increment) between the numbers that you are looking at. Making a reflection of this procedure in a PHP fundamental capacity, we would have:

Main Formula Percentage Calculation

Above code is for Jquery and also use for JavaScript to develop percentage difference calculator. We also show you how you do with server-side scripting language PHP. Using PHP fundamental function we develop the percent change calculator. Check below code PHP function.

PHP function to develop percent change calculator


See the Pen
Percentage change calculator using Jquery
by Bikash Panda (@phpcodertech)
on CodePen.

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