How to Check Page is Refreshed in PHP

To Check Page is Refreshed in PHP, we use PHP superglobal variable. $_SERVER[‘HTTP_CACHE_CONTROL’]: Cache-control is an HTTP protocol header which specifies the policies of browser caching on both side, one is server-side and another is client-side. These policies are used to check what information is cached and the maximum age of that information on the […]

Detect URL Change in JavaScript Without Refresh

To Detect URL Change in JavaScript Without Refresh we use MutationObserver() function. And JavaScript location.href functionality.. Before we go through the source code of Detect URL or DOM Change in JavaScript Without Refresh, first we know about MutationObserver() function. What is MutationObserver() function The MutationObserver() function is used to detect or watch the changes made […]

How to Convert Number to Words in PHP Ajax

To Convert Number To Words in PHP Ajax, we use numfmt_create() and numfmt_format() function. Both functions are inbuilt PHP functions which also part of Human Language and Character Encoding Support. These functions are the defined under the intL (Internationalization Functions) functions. To Convert Number To Words, first, we create an HTML form where we take […]

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