Best Way to Download Video From YouTube

Generally, Download Video From YouTube is not the default feature of YouTube. But there many third-party websites and software are available out there. Today we discuss the same with some online platforms where we can download YouTube videos for free and easily. Here is the list of websites to Download Video From YouTube, List of […]

What Does int(11) mean in MySQL With Example

Generally people miss concept about what int(11) mean in MySQL is that the column can store maximum of 11 integer value or digits in length. But this is not true. int(11) means in MySQL is the display width of the integer column. To completely understand the meaning of int(11) in MySQL and display the width […]

isset vs empty vs is_null in PHP With Example

In PHP, isset vs empty vs is_null functions are most important part to start learning PHP programming. isset(), empty() and is_null() functions are PHP in-built functions which are mainly used to check the value of the variable or initialization of the variable. isset() is used to check the variable has a value or not and […]

How to Get Client Hardware Information Using PHP

To Get Client Hardware Information Using PHP, we have to follow 2 major step, Include system info class (SystemInfo) Call functions from SystemInfo class to get Client Hardware Information. I also provide you complete script to download and run it on your hosting server or on local host. Note: Generally, PHP is executed on the […]

Get PHP Date Time Difference in Days, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds

To get PHP Date Time Difference in Days, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds we use three major PHP built-in things DateTime object, date_create() function, and date_diff() function. We also use DateTimeZone object to get specific timezone date and time and calculate differnce between two dates. Introduction date_create() function is used get DateTime object and also you […]

Remove Duplicates From an Array in JavaScript Without Using For Loop

To Remove Duplicates From an Array in JavaScript Without Using For Loop, we use two JavaScript built-in method or function, Array.from() method Set() constructor Array.from() method helps us to create an array from, array like objects (Object which have length or index properties) or iterable objects (like map and set) Set() constructor is used to […]

Convert String to Blob and Blob to String in PHP

To Convert String to Blob in PHP we have to use PHP built-in functions, here is the list of PHP functions which we used, ord() function decbin() function bindec() function chr() function ord() function is a PHP inbuilt function that used to convert the first character of a string to its ASCII value. decbin() function […]

3 Great JSON Beautifiers to Make Your JSON Pretty

JSON beautifier tools can prove to be the most convenient option for making JavaScript Object Notation an even more user-friendly data format. These web-based applications provide their customers authentic, quality services that too at the cost of nothing. To pretty JSON is not merely done to make it look more appealing than before. But somewhat […]

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