JavaScript While Loop with an Example

JavaScript while Loop or any other loops are used to execute a block of code till the condition is true. Introduction to the JavaScript while loop statement JavaScript while statement creates a loop that executes the block of code till satisfies the given conditions or condition going to be true. Syntax: In the above syntax […]

Set PHP Error Reporting Into The PHP File

On PHP Error Reporting, first, you have to know about What is error reporting in PHP and how we enable it. Here is the list of the major part of error reporting in PHP which we talked about in this tutorial, What is PHP error reporting? About PHP error reporting on and off. What is […]

Complete Guide PHP Error Log

In this complete guide on PHP Error Log we discuss PHP Error Log Location on all operating system and the server. Also we talk about How to create an error log file in PHP with user defined path. We discuss complete error log path for, PHP error log file in WordPress Path of PHP error […]

Best Way to Download Video From YouTube

Generally, Download Video From YouTube is not the default feature of YouTube. But there many third-party websites and software are available out there. Today we discuss the same with some online platforms where we can download YouTube videos for free and easily. Here is the list of websites to Download Video From YouTube, List of […]

What Does int(11) mean in MySQL With Example

Generally people miss concept about what int(11) mean in MySQL is that the column can store maximum of 11 integer value or digits in length. But this is not true. int(11) means in MySQL is the display width of the integer column. To completely understand the meaning of int(11) in MySQL and display the width […]

isset vs empty vs is_null in PHP With Example

In PHP, isset vs empty vs is_null functions are most important part to start learning PHP programming. isset(), empty() and is_null() functions are PHP in-built functions which are mainly used to check the value of the variable or initialization of the variable. isset() is used to check the variable has a value or not and […]

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