What Is echo In PHP With Example

Generally, peoples are call out PHP echo is a function, however, the echo in PHP is not a function but it is a language construct. This PHP echo statement is majorly used for displaying the value of variables and strings on the web page. In the above paragraph, we use the term language construct, which […]

How to Execute PHP File From Command Line

To Execute PHP File From Command Line, we can use 2 methods to execute PHP file code by PHP command, By using XAMPP Shell or Command line. Inbuilt command line of Windows OS. Note: If you want to use inbuilt command line interface of Windows OS, you have install PHP manually from PHP official package. […]

How To Integrate PayFast Payment Gateway in PHP

Introduction to PayFast Payment Gateway Before starting the PayFast Payment Gateway Integration using PHP, we have to know some introduction about the gateway. The PayFast Payment Gateway is the best payment gateway platform in South Africa. This gateway accepts local and international payments from buyers by using Instant EFT, credit cards, debit cards, and more. […]

Best YouTube Channels For Programming in 2021

In this article, we will talk about the list of Best YouTube Channels For Programming in 2021 in Hindi and English which are also my personal favorites. You can also suggest any other YouTube Channels in comments which may help others to more deep about programming or coding. We discussed top YouTube Channels for learn […]

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