Remove Duplicates From an Array in JavaScript Without Using For Loop

To Remove Duplicates From an Array in JavaScript Without Using For Loop, we use two JavaScript built-in method or function, Array.from() method Set() constructor Array.from() method helps us to create an array from, array like objects (Object which have length or index properties) or iterable objects (like map and set) Set() constructor is used to […]

Convert String to Blob and Blob to String in PHP

To Convert String to Blob in PHP we have to use PHP built-in functions, here is the list of PHP functions which we used, ord() function decbin() function bindec() function chr() function ord() function is a PHP inbuilt function that used to convert the first character of a string to its ASCII value. decbin() function […]

3 Great JSON Beautifiers to Make Your JSON Pretty

JSON beautifier tools can prove to be the most convenient option for making JavaScript Object Notation an even more user-friendly data format. These web-based applications provide their customers authentic, quality services that too at the cost of nothing. To pretty JSON is not merely done to make it look more appealing than before. But somewhat […]

Differences Between InnoDB and MyISAM: InnoDB vs MyISAM

Major points about InnoDB and MyISAM which we discuss on this article, Introduction What is InnoDB and MyISAM Differences Between InnoDB and MyISAM or InnoDB vs MyISAM Introduction There are many different types of storage engines available for MySQL index structure. Performance and features are dependent on the storage engine used under the hood of […]

Cheapest WordPress Hosting in 2021

Are you searching for the cheapest WordPress Hosting in 2021? You are in the right place. Before we start I want to talk about types of WordPress hosting, Shared WordPress hosting Managed WordPress hosting Shared WordPress Hosting In shared WordPress hosting, there are some other websites are running in the same memory and ram management. […]

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