jQuery Multi-Select Dropdown Checkbox With Search

jQuery MultiSelect Dropdown provides very useful functionality to users to select multiple options from the dropdown. Generally, we use multiple attribute on HTML <select> tag to do these multiple selections by holding the ctrl button from the keyboard. But now with the help of the jQuery MultiSelect plugin, we can create a nice and easy-to-use multi-select dropdown. By […]

JavaScript toLowerCase Function With Examples

JavaScript toLowerCase Function used to converts strings to lowercase letters. The JavaScript toLowerCase method does not modify the actual string. It just converted the complete statement of string to lowercase letters. Introduction JavaScript is a very essential part of web development. Inside JavaScript there are many types of methods available, in this article, we also […]

Detailed Article About JavaScript else if Statement

JavaScript else if and if-else both are conditional statements are used to do different tasks based on a given condition. Basically, JavaScript has multiple types of conditional statements which we use according to our task at the time of web development. There is 4 type of conditional statement in JavaScript. Introduction to JavaScript else if Statement […]

Auto Scroll Down on Page Load Using jQuery

To Auto Scroll Down on Page Load using jQuery, we use $( document ).ready() that helps us to check the page Document Object Model (DOM) is ready or not to execute the JavaScript code. Generally, the document ready function is used to check the complete web page load and then execute the user’s JavaScript code. Auto Scroll […]

What is Dependency Injection in PHP With Example

Introduction If you are also curious and think too much about Dependency Injection in PHP, we can learn about PHP Dependency Injection in our layman language. In Dependency Injection, both are common words with known meanings. Dependency means something is dependent on another thing and if we complete that dependency with the help of a […]

What is Lumen In Laravel and Its Use

What is Lumen? If you need to answer this question with one statement then you can say “Lumen is fast micro-framework by Laravel and used to develop high speed micro-services and API development.“ Introduction Lumen is majorly used to develop APIs and web services. Lumen is Laravel’s micro framework that was created by the Laravel’s […]

What Is a php.ini File and Its Use

What Is a php.ini File? As all, we know PHP is an open-source scripting language which means we can modify PHP configuration according to our use. So, the php.ini is the main configuration file of PHP where we used to modify the execution time, upload file size, and much more. PHP INI file is created […]

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