How to Search and Replace Tag Value in XML File using PHP

To search and replace tag value in XML file using PHP, we use PHP string replace function str_replace(). This is a PHP built-in function which majorly used to replace a specific string with another string. Here PHP str_replace Function | Complete Guide you can learn complete guide with different examples. Complete Code to Search and […]

Complete Concept of PHP in_array() Function

Introdcution PHP in_array() function is an inbuilt function in PHP. As the name suggests in_array() function means, this function checks user-defined element is available in the array or not. So, basically, if we define in_array function in technical language, then we can say “The PHP in_array function checks whether the given value exists in an […]

PHP password_hash, password_verify With Example

Introduction PHP password_hash is a built-in function that is majorly used to encrypt the password string. Encryption has c combination of random letters, numbers, and special characters. PHP password_hash() function can create a unique password hash using a strong hashing algorithm which is only one-way hashing or encryption. One-way hashing means, that generated password can […]

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