jQuery autocomplete ajax with Text and Image

jQuery Autocomplete Ajax jQuery Autocomplete Ajax feature provides an instant action of suggestion when user start typing the name. It provides a quick search to users and selects fast their option from the populated list from the dropdown list. When the user starts typing the autocomplete plugin fetch the data from the database which are […]

Character walking animation Using CSS3 and HTML

Hello Coders, hope you all are doing well and today we see something new and very funny type thing which you guys like it very much, I hope. Please comment below for a thumbs up. Go below for a live view So let’s start our code, start with HTML, CharacterWalking.html

The main part of this […]

Pure CSS animated Preloader

Hello Coders, today I will show you something which is very impressive for our website. Which is entertain your website visitors. This is pure CSS preloader which you can use for your site to increase website speed and optimization. go below for a live view So let’s start,   Loading.html

Here is the main file, […]

Stripe Payment API integration and Card save and delete operation in Codeigniter

Hello Coders, we all know about Stripe payment gateway which is very secure and easy to implement in any language. If you want to integrate any payment gateway on very short steps than Stripe is best. Today we will learn about how we integrate Stripe Payment Gateway in CodeIgniter and how to add customer’s or user’s […]

Glowing animated Preloader Design

Hello Coders, hope you all guys are doing well. Today I designed a beautiful animated pre loader which is use for pre loading time animation. Hope you all are like it. See below for Live design. This preloader is designed with only using CSS3 and HTML5, see below code and paste on your code editor […]

Pure CSS3 Animated Car

Hello Coders, today I will show you something interesting with animation using CSS3 and HTML. You can use this code for making something new or your own. See below for the demo. I hope you guys are like it. If you have any problem with this code or anything which is not understandable please comment […]

Power switch on off using CSS and HTML

Hello Coders, today I will show you the power button on-off design using CSS, which button you use on your everyday life. I will show you with CSS in a very simple manner which any can understand very easily. Here is the code below, Switch.html

Here is the main part of the design which […]

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