5 Most Useful PHP String Functions You Should Know

When we start working with PHP String functions, we have to learn some useful string operation using PHP predefined functions. Today we talk about some most used String functions which use to manipulate user defined strings. There are 5 most used PHP string manipulation functions listed below, Complete Explanation of PHP String functions Substr in […]

7 Most Useful JavaScript Array Functions

The topic contains a brief explanation of JavaScript Array and how to create and manipulate JavaScript arrays. Here we discuss 7 most used JavaScript array functions and it’s working with example, length() push() pop() shift() unshift() indexOf() foreach() What is an Array Arrays are the variables that are used to store multiple values in a single variable. […]

A Beginner’s Guide to PHP Explode Function | explode()

PHP explode Function PHP Explode function mainly used for breaking a string into a PHP array. Exact syntax of PHP explode() function is given, explode(separator,string,limit) Parameter Email separator Required. Specifies where to break the string String Required. The string to split in parts limit Possible values: Greater than 0: – Returns an array with a maximum of […]

PHP HTTP or HTTPS Redirect

Hello Coders, If you have redirection issues of PHP HTTP or HTTPS Redirect on your PHP website, then you can consider the below source. Little explanation about HTTP and HTTPS below, HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) From the above heading, you get the full form of HTTP. On the basis of coding or on the technical […]

Media Query CSS for Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

What is Media Queries in CSS? Media queries are the CSS features used to develop responsive websites. Means media queries help to adapt web page content to different sizes according to screen resolutions. They are responsible for responsive web design and used to customize the web page design or web design for multiple resolution devices. […]

How to Use Postman for API Call

Postman is a stand-alone application for the operating system and also a chrome extension using for testing API’s. By sending the request to the web server getting response back with JSON format or HTML also. It allows the user to set up all headers, API keys or credentials, and the type and then check response according […]

CSS3 Glossy Animated Button Hover Effects

Here are only 4 simple steps to creating CSS3 Glossy Animated Button Hover Effects. The background 3D gradient layer A light overlay on Button (3D CSS Button design) Hover Effect on CSS button Finishing That’s all, take your time to go through these points and then you will get a very impressive beautiful buttons CSS. […]

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