Check if JavaScript variable is NULL or Undefined

Check if JavaScript variable is NULL or Undefined, here we are learning about some very basic JavaScript functionality. At the time of Website development, we use NULL which is an assignment value. In JavaScript mostly we getting an error statement called an undefined variable. Before we start, first we learn about the difference between NULL or […]

Integrate Google reCaptcha in Codeigniter

reCaptcha is a user validation service that is provided by Google for free. Today we Integrate Google reCaptcha in Codeigniter signup form. Here you also learn how to use google recaptcha on Codeigniter, completely. The main purpose of this topic to prevent the signups from the bot. Before we start the integration of reCaptcha, first we have […]

3D Loader using CSS

Today we create an animated 3D loader using CSS, which is pretty interesting because of that effects loading animation. Also, this is called waiting animation, when any user going to your website and click on any link than that page opening time covers that 3D loader or preloader. Check below for LIVE VIEW Here is the […]

How to Create an Exit Intent Popup

Exit intent popup is very widely used by websites because of lead generation (which is a part of Digital Marketing) and also for getting users in on website.  Using bootstrap modal we create an exit intent popup. First thing what is exit popup? Explanation: Exit intent popups basically appears on website or web pages when the […]

Create Dynamically Generated Text File and Download Using JavaScript

File Download Using JavaScript Create Dynamically Generated Text File and Download Using JavaScript, I think, you think Generate and download a file using Javascript is not allowed without the user end (But now this allowed). On this task, all the thing working on HTML 5 supported web browsers. In this article, we will show you how […]

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