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Multiple Barcode Generator in PHP

Multiple Barcode Generator in PHP, in this coding article we create a Barcode generator which you can use for your invoicing system for E-Commerce websites.

Multiple Barcode Generator in PHP
3 Steps to Creating Multiple Barcode Generator in PHP

Barcode: Barcode is a machine-readable code, it can be horizontal or vertical in shape. Barcode contains information about your product SKU, price, manufacturing date, and expiry date.

For creating Barcode Generator we use Barcode Library and some of our own PHP code.

Properties of Barcode

Different format Of Barcode

  • Codabar
  • Code39
  • Code25
  • Code128 (Default)

Different orientation for display Barcode

  • Horizontal (Default)
  • Vertical

Different size for Barcode

  • 10
  • 20 (Default)
  • 400

Barcode Generator Library

I included the same library file on the below complete source code download link.

Library URL: https://github.com/davidscotttufts/php-barcode/

3 Steps to Creating Barcode Generator using PHP

Here are 3 steps to How to create Barcode Generator using PHP,

  • Create some HTML text box for user input.
  • Include PHP Barcode Library.
  • Create PHP file which generate Barcode (Image Type).




Include barcode library, barcode.php




Here are some important parameters which we use to modify the design of the Barcode.


  • Text: “0” (Default)
  • Size: “20” (Default)
  • Code Type: “Code128” (Default)
  • Orientation: “Horizontal” (Default)

Here is the output:

Output of Multiple Barcode Generator in PHP

Here is the complete working Source code of Multiple Barcode Generator Using PHP.

[sociallocker]Download Complete File: Click Here[/sociallocker]

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