How to Validate Date String in PHP

Hello Everyone hopes you all are doing well and today we talk about How to Validate Date String in PHP. Validation of date or an input string is a valid date or not. By using DateTime class you can check an input string is valid or not. From some example, we will show you how to validate the string on server-side input using PHP.

How to Validate Date String in PHP

Complete explanation on How to Validate Date String in PHP

The validateDate() function checks whether the given string is a valid date or not using PHP. It uses PHP DateTime class and createFromFormat() function which is an object-oriented method.

On the given OOP PHP function, checks string is a valid date or not and returns with boolean True OR False.

Now we call the validateDate() function and through passing the date string in the first parameter.
Above code, all are return false because of our validation on the function.

On the above PHP function, we use createFromFormat(), which is an Object-oriented style code.

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Example- DateTime::createFromFormat()

Object oriented style

Procedural style

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