How to Use Postman for API Call

Postman is a stand-alone application for the operating system and also a chrome extension using for testing API’s. By sending the request to the web server getting response back with JSON format or HTML also.

  • It allows the user to set up all headers, API keys or credentials, and the type and then check response according to API.
  • Using Postman you can get the script or code for multiple platforms (In programming language).
  • It allows the user to use POST, GET and UPDATE functionality for API calls.

Here we are talking about how to use Postman for API requests and how to get code for implementing on the project.
How to Use Postman for API Call and get code script for multiple technologies.
Here are steps on how to get the source code for API response using Postman chrome extension.
And set up all the minimal things of Postman, then you get the interface like given below.
How to Use Postman for API Calls
STEP1:  Get your API URL and paste it on Postman and hit the send button, shows below.
In case your API has a Header requirement and API key you can set below.
STEP2: After hitting the send button you get the response from that API with JSON or HTML format.
STEP3: Important is, how you get the code for integration on your project.
  • Go to the “Code” option.
  • Choose your specific language.
  • If using PHP, hover the PHP option and choose the CUrL option.

How to Use Postman for API Calls

After that, you get that code and you can implement it easily.
Happy Coding..!
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