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How to Keep Value After Page Reload in PHP

On this task, How to Keep Value After Page Reload in PHP, 2 major things we have to know about,

  • PHP Session
  • Inline If Else Condition
How to keep value after page reload in PHP
How to keep value after page reload in PHP

Use of PHP Session and Inline If Else Condition

We use both PHP sessions to store the posted data from the form, then we check the value using inline if else condition on the textbox value.

Example: How to Keep Value After Page Reload in PHP

Code Explanations:

  • Create an HTML form with one textbox and submit button.
  • On the same textbox, we check any input value is available or not using PHP isset() function and inline If Else condition.
  • 3 things are used on the textbox,
    • First is PHP isset() function.
    • inline If Else condition
    • And session for, get the stored value after a click.
  • After clicking on the submit button we store the posted data to the PHP session.

You can read more about the session on the official website, https://www.php.net/manual/en/book.session.php

How To Run:

PHP Online Editor: https://phpcoder.tech/php-online-editor/

Open the above link and paste the complete code to check. If not worked because of the URL you can use your own localhost.

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