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How to Integrate Google Translate on website

Integrate Google Translate on website is a great way to provide your content all over the world with great content. But as a developer, we have to get that knowledge about how Google Translate works.

How Google Translate works

If we think that Google has a huge database of words then the answer is “No”.

Generally, Google Translate working is based on “SMT” (statistical machine translation).

  • Means Google gets the data from the user entries and they used to find those words parallel for matching.
  • They take input letters and produce an output sequence of those letters.

Done with a small explanation about how Google Translate works!

Now we start How to Integrate Google Translate on website step by step,

  • First, we create a <div> with id="google_translate_element"
  • On the second step, we get the google translate API script from google official site and put it on the website.
  • After that, we create a javascript function for google translate on website <div>

Complete Source Code of Google Translate On Website


Happy Coding..!

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