How to Get HTML Tag Value in PHP

In this particular, How to Get HTML Tag Value in PHP, article we use the PHP DOMDocument Class which represents the HTML or XML document also serves as the root of the document tree.

How to Get HTML Tag Value in PHP
How to Get HTML Tag Value in PHP

Here we discuss 4 tasks where we use the PHP DOMDocument class to get the value of HTML tags,

  1. How to get a paragraph <p> tag value using PHP
  2. How to get <span> tag value using PHP
  3. How to store <span> value in PHP
  4. How to access HTML element in PHP

How to get a paragraph <p> tag value using PHP

On the below example How to get p tag value using PHP, we create a paragraph with HTML ID attribute and set the text inside the P tag.

Output: Paragraph Sports


Code Explanations:

  • Using the PHP DOMDocument Class, call the DOMDocument object.
  • Call the predefined loadHTML() function with variable parameters.
  • Using the getElementById() DOM function we get the HTML element value.

How to get <span> tag value using PHP

Output: Span Sports

This is also the same process and the code with changed ID.

How to Store span Value in PHP

If you want to store only span value then do the same code and create a variable on the last and assign the previous value what you get using PHP DOMDocument.

Output: Span Sports

How to Access HTML Element in PHP

Here is complete quick summary of how to get Html tag value in PHP or access HTML element,

  • getElementsByTagName(‘a’)
  • getElementById(‘SpanID’)

For more you can check on the officials site,

Here is a complete reference about access the HTML element in PHP with an example.

Also Check:

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