How to get data from the hidden fields in PHP?

To get data from the hidden fields in PHP, we use PHP global variable,

  1. $_POST
  2. $_REQUEST

To create a hidden field, we create an HTML input field with type="hidden" and to store data inside the input field we have to use value="anyValue" attribute.

How to get data from the hidden fields in PHP?

In the above code, we are using name attribute which is used to get the input value by using PHP POST and REQUEST method.

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Example To Get Data From The Hidden Fields in PHP



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Code Highlights:

In the above code, first, we create an HTML form with method POST and action attribute for form submission.

Then we create 3 input fields,

  • hidden input
  • text input
  • submit button input

All inputs have their name attribute. Remember name attribute is important to send the data to PHP code.

Now, we write the PHP code to get the data,

First, we check the button is clicked or not by using the PHP isset() method, where we pass the submit button value as a parameter.

Then by using $_POST method we take hidden field and text field data.

I hope you get all the things.

Happy coding..!

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