How to Get Client Hardware Information Using PHP

To Get Client Hardware Information Using PHP, we have to follow 2 major step,

  1. Include system info class (SystemInfo)
  2. Call functions from SystemInfo class to get Client Hardware Information.

I also provide you complete script to download and run it on your hosting server or on local host.

How to Get Client Hardware Information Using PHP
How to Get Client Hardware Information Using PHP


Generally, PHP is executed on the server-side, and it has limited or partially access to the Hardware Information of the server but it has no way to access the Hardware Information of the user’s system.

But if you want to do that, is only way I can think of by using ActiveX plugins or a browser addon.

And for testing, you can run the complete script by using your local host (XAMPP or WAMP). Check here how any PHP script runs locally

Include System Info Class (SystemInfo)

You can get complete system info class from github repo and include it. SystemInfo Code

Call Functions From SystemInfo Class to Get Client Hardware Information

You can also execute it on Run PHP Code (


CPU usage: 41%
Array ( [size] => 289783410688 [free] => 237840752640 [used] => 51942658048 )

RAM total: 6046 MB
RAM free: 2317 MB

Download Source Code

Also Check:

Happy Coding..!

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