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How to Embed PDF in Website Using HTML

In this article, we discuss How to Embed PDF in Website Using HTML. In HTML there are 3 ways to embed PDF in HTML.

How to Embed PDF in Website Using HTML

3 Ways to Embed PDF in Website using HTML

  1. Using <object> tag.
  2. Using <embed> tag.
  3. Using <iframe> tag

Embed PDF using <iframe> in HTML

Using <iframe> you can set height and width of the PDF.

HTML tag has some attributes which are used to manage the embed PDF on the HTML <iframe>. Attributes are explained below,

  • src – here you can set the path of the external file to embed.
  • type – here you can set the media type of the embedded content.
  • width – here you can specify the width of the embedded content.
  • height – here you can set the height of the embedded content.

Syntax of HTML PDF embed using <embed> tag

PDF embed code

Using HTML object PDF embed operation,

Above we do the PDF embed operation using different tags of HTML.

Using <embed> and <object> tag is old fashioned and also considered as deprecated.

So, we using <iframe> for PDF embed on our website, which is an easy way to do the same.

I hope, I cleared all the things about how PDFs are embedding on the HTML website using <iframe> HTML tag.

If you guys facing any issue on this please let me know on comments.

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