Domain Availability Checker using WHOIS XML API And PHP

Whenever we start any website first we search for the domain availability. Here we introduce a code example that How we create a custom Domain Availability Checker using WHOIS XML API And PHP also with Ajax call.

Domain Availability Checker using WHOIS XML API And PHP
So before we start, please complete those points mentioned below, which are used for the development of Domain Availability Checker using WHOIS XML API.
Now we will show you a simple example of how to create a domain availability checker using PHP and AJAX. There are only 2 steps to develop a Domain Name Checker.
Create an HTML file for user input and that input send to the API as an argument and then we get the response.
Now, we create a script for getting a response from API using PHP CUrl. This PHP CURL script we create using POSTMAN Chrome Extension or APP.
On that, we provide the user input as a variable and get JSON format response.
You have also found more domain registry API integration into PHP.
On the end, if you have any issue you can comment below.
Happy Coding..!
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