Detailed Article About JavaScript else if Statement

JavaScript else if and if-else both are conditional statements are used to do different tasks based on a given condition.

Basically, JavaScript has multiple types of conditional statements which we use according to our task at the time of web development. There is 4 type of conditional statement in JavaScript.

Detailed Article About JavaScript else if Statement
Detailed Article About JavaScript else if Statement

Introduction to JavaScript else if Statement

else if Statement mainly executes the block of code when specified if condition returns false.

Syntax of JS else if Statement

Javascript Conditional Statements

At the time of doing the code, we execute JS conditional statements based on the given conditions.
Here are some of the statements are which we use,

  • If is used to specify the condition, if condition is true then it executes the block of code specified inside the if block.
  • else is defined with if condition, that executes the block of code when if condition result is false.
  • When we want to use multiple conditions then we use else if condition, it executes the code if the if conditions will return false.
  • At last, there is switch which helps to specify multiple blocks to be executed.

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Example of JS else if Statement :

Code Explanation:

  1. In this example, we create a global variable and assign an integer value to it.
  2. On the second line, we set the condition inside the if block, where we check the integer is greater than the given number is or not.
  3. If the if condition returns false then it will execute the else if condition.
  4. Else condition executes when no conditional statement is true.

Live Example of Else if and If else Statement in JavaScript

See the Pen by Bikash Panda (@phpcodertech) on CodePen.

In the above example, we create a program to check the language string in if and else if condition.

Where we first define a variable and set the string value. Then we check the language with == double equal operator to check both are equal or not.

If the condition is not satisfied then it goes to else if condition.

As in our example if the statement condition is false and it goes to else if block where it returns true and prints the value on the web page.

I hope you understand all the things, please let me know if you facing any issues.

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Happy Coding..!

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