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Create Date Picker using Materialize Framework

Materialize is a modern and responsive front-end framework based on Material Design. Today we Create Date Picker using Materialize Framework.


Materialize framework is a modern designing framework that is based on material design. The materialize framework provides the CDN link of CSS and JS which we use to develop the design component.

Materialize framework provides,

  • Focused user experience.
  • Speedup the front-end design and development.
  • And Easy to work with.
Create Date Picker using Materialize Framework

Steps to Create Date Picker using Materialize Framework

Here are some steps which we use to develop the Materialize Date Picker,

  1. Setup Materialize CSS and JS and jQuery CDN links on the <head>.
  2. Creating the input type with text type.
  3. Calling the Jquery DatePicker function.

Setup CDN links

Here are the all the CDN link,

  • jQuery CDN
  • Materialize CSS and JS CDN

Creating The Input Box

Here we create the input box with type text which is used for date-picker.

Calling jQuery DatePicker function

For creating the Date Picker we use the jQuery Date Picker which adapt materialize CSS and JS for responsive and modern view.

Complete Source Code of the Materialize Date Picker with live view,

See the Pen Date Picker using Materialize Framework by Bikash Panda (@phpcodertech) on CodePen.

You can visit and get other details from Official Materialize website https://materializecss.com/

If you facing any issue on implementation of Date Picker please comment. I will try to resolve the issue.

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Happy Coding..!

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