Convert String to Blob and Blob to String in PHP

To Convert String to Blob in PHP we have to use PHP built-in functions, here is the list of PHP functions which we used,

  • ord() function
  • decbin() function
  • bindec() function
  • chr() function
How to Convert String to Blob and Blob to String in PHP
How to Convert String to Blob and Blob to String in PHP

ord() function is a PHP inbuilt function that used to convert the first character of a string to its ASCII value.

decbin() function is also a inbuilt PHP function and used to convert decimal to binary number.

Main Concept of Convert String to Blob With Example

First, convert string character to ASCII value using ord() function then convert ASCII value or decimal number to a binary value using decbin() function.

Source Code:


1010000 1001000 1010000 1000011 1001111 1000100 1000101 1010010

You can compile the complete code here:

Convert Blob to String With Example

Here are 2 main function which we used to convert.

bindec() function is used to convert a binary number to an integer number and this is also a PHP inbuilt function.

chr() function is used for getting the character from specified ASCII value.

Source Code:



Main Points of Code

  1. To convert both we use a PHP loop for taking one by one character convert it.
  2. And we use the above main PHP inbuilt functions used to complete conversion.

I hope you will understand all the things correctly.

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