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Concept of CSS Grid Layout With Example

In this article, we learn about what is CSS grid layout? and what are the main use of the CSS grid on web pages or web development with the help of an example?

Concept of CSS Grid

What is the Concept of CSS Grid?

The Grid Layout system offers the grid-based layout system, which means it provides rows and columns to create web pages. It helps to reduce the use of float and positioning systems.

CSS Grid Layout Example

Here the complete layout of CSS Grid with source code, Will explain it below paragraphs.

See the Pen Complete CSS Grid Layout by Bikash Panda (@phpcodertech) on CodePen.

Introduction to Concept of Grid Elements

The grid layout is collection of one or more grid elements.

For displaying the HTML grid elements we use display CSS property.

Using display CSS property grid containers automatically changes the elements to grid items.

Grid Columns

The vertical line of Grid Items are called Grid Columns.

Image Ref:

CSS Grid Columns

Grid Rows

The horizontal lines of grid items are called rows.

CSS Grid Rows

Concept of Grid Layout Spaces

We can also change the spaces between Grid lines,


Grid Spaces Example

Here is the property for grid column gap

Here is the property for grid row gap

Gap or complete spaces between all grids and also set for both row and columns.

Grid Lines

If you create the lines between columns then it is called column line and if row then called row lines.

CSS Grid Lines

CSS for both row grid lines and column grid lines,

grid item at column line 1, and end on column line 3:

Grid item at row line 1, and end on row line 3:

CSS Grid Layout Browser Support

Chrome (57+)

Edge (16+)

Firefox (52+)

IE (Partial 10+)

Opera (44+)

Safari (10.1+)

Here is the complete concept of CSS Grid system where we work with web pages.

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