Character walking animation Using CSS3 and HTML

Hello Coders, hope you all are doing well and today we see something new and very funny type thing which you guys like it very much, I hope.

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Go below for a live view

So let’s start our code, start with HTML,


The main part of this task is the CSS code. For animate the character, we have to write CSS which I gave below,


Above is the complete code of the character walking animation, you can try and also make your own.

If you want anything please comment below

Click here for image.

Live View

See the Pen Character walking animation Using CSS3 and HTML by Bikash Panda (@phpcodertech) on CodePen.

Happy Coding..!

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4 thoughts on “Character walking animation Using CSS3 and HTML

  1. How can I make character to walk from BOTTOM to TOP of the laptop screen.

    How can I show character going inside the room again from Bottom to Top of the screen. (I.e only Backside of the character will be shown moving)

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