Display Data From Database in jQuery DataTable

In this jQuery DataTable tutorial, we learn How to Display Data From Database in jQuery DataTable step by step. Previously we already learn about How jQuery DataTables works with HTML tables with static data. How jQuery DataTable Works Complete short Guide About jQuery DataTables In this article, we perform the MySQL database operation with jQuery […]

PayPal Integration using Braintree API

Today we learn about PayPal Integration using Braintree API. In my previous article we setup the Braintree Sandbox API for integrating 4 types of payment gateway. Braintree Portal: https://sandbox.braintreegateway.com/login So after setup the Braintree API we get the API and Client-side SDK from Braintree portal. Here are the 3 steps, how to integrate PayPal payment […]

4 Simple Steps To Braintree Account Setup with API

Introduction about Braintree Braintree is a company that was acquired by PayPal. Braintree provides clients payment gateway with a merchant account. Today we learn how do we Setup Braintree Account. Braintree provides JavaScript SDK for payment gateways and also provides API’s for, PayPal Google Pay Samsung Pay Apple Pay Venmo Credit/Debit Cards Checkout: Stripe Payment […]

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