HTML: How to Comment With Example

In this article HTML How to Comment we discussed How to comment out in HTML?, HTML comment syntax, and two or more examples where we use HTML comment in the document. Basically, comments are helpful for web developers or designers to know about source code working which is encapsulated with some information about code using […]

for-Each In JavaScript With Example

Introduction and Usage for-Each In JavaScript, the forEach() function iterate the elements of an array once one by one in order. Using for-Each() function or method we also iterate object elements. Syntax Argument Description currentValue The value of the current element. (Required) index The array index of the current element. (Optional) arr The array object […]

JavaScript While Loop with an Example

JavaScript while Loop or any other loops are used to execute a block of code till the condition is true. Introduction to the JavaScript while loop statement JavaScript while statement creates a loop that executes the block of code till satisfies the given conditions or condition going to be true. Syntax: In the above syntax […]

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