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How to Encrypt and Decrypt Image Path in PHP

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To Encrypt and Decrypt Image Path in PHP, we use 3 main PHP inbuilt functions, file_get_contents() Function: The file_get_contents() function is PHP inbuilt function that can help to read files into a string. This function uses the memory mapping technique to doing this which is also supported by the server. file_put_contents() Function: This function can… Read More »How to Encrypt and Decrypt Image Path in PHP

How jQuery DataTable Works

jQuery DataTable is a free plug-in for JavaScript and jQuery libraries. It is used for displaying information on the HTML tables. DataTables have inbuilt many customizable features like data search, pagination, and showing a particular number of rows. DataTables provide inbuilt search and pagination functionality to a normal HTML table. Here we learn about how… Read More »How jQuery DataTable Works

Install Composer on Linux and Windows in 3 Steps

Here the complete explanation of Install Composer on Linux and Windows. Introduction Composer is the tool for managing the dependencies for PHP frameworks. It allows downloading libraries that are required for your project and also allows you to update and install libraries for your project. 3 Steps to Install Composer on Linux Note:For this tutorial… Read More »Install Composer on Linux and Windows in 3 Steps

How PHP Code Works

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In this, PHP Code work article we less talk about actual programming using PHP. We discuss the execution or behind the scene of PHP Code execution. Introduction about PHP PHP is a scripting language that is mainly used for web application development. Script or scripting languages are capable of executing without compiled. PHP used by… Read More »How PHP Code Works

PHP DATE | PHP Date Function

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In this article, we talk about PHP Date functionality and all the operations which we used on web applications. Generally, we use the PHP date() function for showing dates in a different format. Some important points about Date PHP function, Computer system store the date-time on UNIX timestamp format. This measure the time on the… Read More »PHP DATE | PHP Date Function