4 Steps to Upload Image Using Ajax and JQuery

By | June 4, 2020

In this article, we create an Ajax-based image uploading system. 4 steps to creating Upload Image Using Ajax functionality,

  • Creating an HTML form with a file type input field.
  • Including Jquery CDN link on the header.
  • creating a JQuery script for posting the image data to the PHP insertion script.
  • Creating PHP DB connection and insert the image into the database using MySQL insertion query.
Image Upload using Ajax

Create an HTML Form

We create an HTML form with a file type input field. Also, include enctype attribute on the form because this attribute is important for posting file type to the database.

Including JQuery CDN

It is important for the execution of the JQuery source code of upload image with ajax jquery.

JQuery Script for Upload image using AJAX

In this ajax image uploading script, we take the data from the HTML Form and posted to the PHP file for the database insertion.

Inserting Image into the Database using MySQL

First, we create the PHP database connection and get all the form data which are posted by Ajax using PHP $_POST method.

Complete Example of Upload image using AJAX in PHP

Creating two PHP files,

  • index.php
  • add.php (For insertion on the database)



Also check:

Here is the complete working source code for Upload image using AJAX in PHP.

Happy Coding..!

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