XAMPP, Apache – Error: Apache shutdown unexpectedly

Here we discuss the Error: Apache shutdown unexpectedly issues with XAMPP. In this complete article, we will know why the Apache and MySQL issue occurs and how we can solve them easily or without editing the configuration files. Also Read: Increase PHPMyAdmin Import Size Ubuntu and XAMPP Why this “apache shutdown unexpectedly” xampp occurs After […]

How to Search and Replace Tag Value in XML File using PHP

To search and replace tag value in XML file using PHP, we use PHP string replace function str_replace(). This is a PHP built-in function which majorly used to replace a specific string with another string. Here PHP str_replace Function | Complete Guide you can learn complete guide with different examples. Complete Code to Search and […]

Complete Concept of PHP in_array() Function

Introdcution PHP in_array() function is an inbuilt function in PHP. As the name suggests in_array() function means, this function checks user-defined element is available in the array or not. So, basically, if we define in_array function in technical language, then we can say “The PHP in_array function checks whether the given value exists in an […]

PHP password_hash, password_verify With Example

Introduction PHP password_hash is a built-in function that is majorly used to encrypt the password string. Encryption has c combination of random letters, numbers, and special characters. PHP password_hash() function can create a unique password hash using a strong hashing algorithm which is only one-way hashing or encryption. One-way hashing means, that generated password can […]

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