PHP Shorthand If Else (Ternary Operator)

PHP Shorthand If Else means, when we creates conditional logic code using shortcut operators. There are multiple conditional statements like if else and switch statement, that are used to create conditional flow. PHP ternary operators are shortcut operators used to convert multiline conditional operator to single line. Why PHP ternary operator called ternary operator because […]

Send Emails in JavaScript Using SMTP with Example

To Send Emails in JavaScript Using SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), we will use JavaScript SMTP CDN and Gmail app password as credentials. Here are the given major things we will use to send an email in JavaScript using SMTP, Here you can check how we can create a google app password After getting, both things we […]

XAMPP, Apache – Error: Apache shutdown unexpectedly – Solved

Here we will discuss the Error: Apache shutdown unexpectedly issues with XAMPP. In this complete article, we will know why the Apache and MySQL issue occurs and how we can solve them easily or without editing the configuration files. Also Read: Increase PHPMyAdmin Import Size Ubuntu and XAMPP Why this “apache shutdown unexpectedly” xampp occur […]

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